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The new website is up!


Art show @ 490 16th Street – A night of clutter

Was a part of “The night of clutter” with Pop-up Galleries!!!

Photos from last art show on the theme of reclaiming time.


Some fun facts:

Cars are deadlier than firearms. In the US about 43,000 people die from car collisions each year, compared to 30,000 gun-related deaths.
The road network takes up as much as 35% of available space in North American metropolitan regions, compared to 20 persent in older European cities and 10 – 15% in Asian cities.


The city as a body with organs. People moving into the city as connecting – plugging themselves into that body.
Care – Nurturance:
People who don’t feel a sense of agency or involvement in their place – as those not taking care of their bodies.
Post-war flight into the suburbs as cancer.
We love what we nurture, we nurture what we love.
To foster responsible, accountable and connected attitude toward place, people must embed themselves in their location and nurture the spaces around us socially and spatially. – As indigenous communities or attitudes held by  Europeans toward maintaining their cities.
Cars as anti-social behavior: only time they communicate is though a cry when the are in each other’s way.  – a dysfunctional organism.
Public health as a function of urban planning/architecture?

This rendering looks like they are intentionally after blood for anyone without brakes.



Here are the photos of the pieces featured in the last show


I am having an art show at The Layover / DepARTure gallery in downtown Oakland. Opening on March 4th: 1517 Franklin Street  & intersection of 15th street.

This is a participatory event that utilizes data-visualization of various issues, local, national and global, pertaining to the time and place surrounding us. The utility of various data mash-ups creates perspective and new way of looking a issues, meanwhile it is an attempt at making sense of what it is to create social change in a world where we are constantly bombarded with more information than we can process. In opposition to the dominant paradigm that “the truth will set you free” I propose “the truth will give you anxiety and paralysis” This project is an active dialogue between these two ideas with the attempt to provide a forum for people to put forth their own ideas of how they would like to solve problems pertaining to their world.